Clear Solutions

Business owners, Sales leaders, HR leaders: Are you tired of poor performance, disengagement, poor communication, mismanagement, and turnover? We provide our clients what they need to align their business strategy with their people strategy to get results. Let us help you clear the way to success today.


Are you getting the most out of your team? Do you know who to hire and why? Do you know how to motivate different types of people on the team?

Hire the Right Talent
Develop Leaders
Align People
Team Dynamics
Build Positive Culture


Sales Leaders: are you are having trouble getting results from your sales team? We use online, scientifically-validated, Ai tools to help you find the right people that will deliver results time and again.
You can predict their success.

Predict sales performance Pre-Hire
Remove bias from hiring process
Make better people decisions
Increase sales performance


Improve execution and strategic understanding by implementing a comprehensive assessment, consulting and support program designed to accomplish long-term sustainable performance. Improve results by assessing and acting on:

Strategic Understanding
Leadership Alignment
Balanced Metrics
Activities & Structure
Human Capital

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Over 8000 businesses around the world use the Predictive Index tools to keep their employees supercharged and achieve maximum results.

Learn how you can get results through a deeper understanding of your people!