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A clear path to a brighter future.
We understand people thrive at work and see organic results when they’re in the right positions… because that’s what we do. We’re passionate about aligning teams and optimizing talent for the companies and leaders who count on us. But beyond that, we’re here to serve as a team on YOUR bench. 

Kevin Waters

CEO / Talent Strategist

Melissa Spangler

SHRM-SCP / VP of Client Success

Keith Galloway

Talent Strategist

  • “It’s important as leaders to understand your teams’ strengths and how best to guide their efforts. The Predictive Index, with help of Clear Leader, is helping us get the most out of our team. We are excited to dive deeper and help our people thrive and grow!”

    Mark Field
    Senior Vice President of Investor Development & Experience
  • “We have always prided ourselves on knowing our employees which has helped us in the evolution of our business. Now, with Clear Leader Group and PI, we know our people, which is catapulting us into a revolution with deep impacts throughout our organization. This effort is also helping us achieve our core purpose: create unique banking experiences that impact the world around us.”

    Lonnie Scarborough
    EVP Talent Development
  • “If you’re a leader looking for one-on-one coaching, a team looking for help or an organization looking for a speaker I couldn’t recommend Kevin high enough. Everything he does is done with excellence. Every advice he shares is done with intentionality. Every challenge he delivers is done to bring liberation.”

    Corey Mayfield
  • “Kevin Waters and CLG led our team through the definition of our Vision and Mission, along with our 10 year and 3 year goals. This has increased our focus on the most important aspects of our business and is driving us forward well. Kevin’s personable and knowledgeable interaction with our team has made him an invaluable guide for us.”

    Ken Baker
  • “Kevin has a unique ability for helping turn a perceived customer relationship challenge or weakness into a trusted advisor strength. On more than one occasion, Kevin has helped me refocus my approach to a situation on the customer’s needs which, if I’m listening to what they’re saying, will lead to optimal outcome for the situation.”

    Reginald Arnold
    Business Development
  • “PI has helped us make smarter hiring decisions by teaching us how to focus on candidates whose personal goals match our company goals. This assists in reducing turnover and in better hiring. CLG was the cherry on top when implementing PI due to their consistent feedback, training, and support. We could not have started using PI as quickly as we did without them. ”

    Priscila M Parada
    HR & Payroll Specialist
  • “The CLG team is generous, honest, and true experts in human capital strategy – who to target, how to hire well, and how to coach and develop talent while putting your people in a position to thrive both personally and professionally…these are things that we value tremendously. I am grateful for CLG’s impact on our organization.”

    Will Johnson
  • “PI is now the first step in our hiring process. We use the PI Tools to determine the best profiles for open positions and then have all candidates take the PI assessment before we waste time phone screening them. This helps us pick the candidates that are the best fit for the job. In addition, we had every existing employee take the PI assessment so we could best understand how to work together. We have been amazed at how this simple 6-minute assessment has improved our work environment.”

    Ken Bodie
Take Assessment
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