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Employee relations
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Dealing with too much turnover? Wondering if you hired the wrong fit for a position or project? Get science-driven answers to questions like these and actionable solutions to today’s most common retention and recruitment problems.

A partnership with us is the one thing you need to say “goodbye stress, hello success.”

The Intuition Issue

Gut instincts are good for some things… but understanding what drives people isn’t one of them. That’s why all of our services offer real, measurable data based on proven science, objective behavioral patterns, and long-term strategy.

The Science

Every year, over $900 billion is lost in productivity due to disengaged employees alone. Address and prevent inefficiencies within your team with the help of scientific data that translates into meaningful insights. It works because it’s real.

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The Software

With access to industry-
leading tools like The Predictive Index and Entrepreneurial Operating System®, you’ll receive everything you need to build and retain a team of successful leaders and efficient, fulfilled employees.

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The Solution

Get the right people in the right seats with job assessments, candidate reviews, decision guidance, and more. Access our full suite of strategic solutions, designed to help you inspire a strong, happy team and lead them brilliantly.

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“The CLG team is generous, honest, and true experts in human capital strategy. Who to target, how to hire well, how to coach and develop talent while putting your people in a position to thrive both personally and professionally… These are things that we value tremendously. I’m grateful for CLG’s impact on our organization.”

– Will Johnson, President of Integ Process

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Take your team and company to the next level! We’re here to help you see clearer and better understand what makes your leaders, employees, and company thrive.

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