Solving People Pain

People. They are everywhere we live, work, and play. And we all sometimes frustrate and misunderstand each other. Let’s explore some insights that will help you going forward to understand yourself and to recognize behaviors in others.

There are four forces of employee development:

  • Job
  • Manager
  • Team
  • Culture

According to Gallup, one in two employees left their jobs to get away from their manager and improve their overall life. On the flip side of that, employees are more apt to stay at a job because of their team. Both of these data points give us enough reason to talk about people pain in the workplace and how we can be overcomers.

We first need to understand that we all have behavioral needs and drives and they are all different. Thanks to a tool we use at CLG, The Predictive Index, we can assess a person’s behavioral drives and then understand their needs and behaviors.

Next, we need to have a mindset of humble confidence. What is humble confidence? Being humble means considering others as more important than yourself and being willing to give/serve for the benefit of the team. Having confidence is a sense of self-respect that comes from accomplishing something and gaining the esteem of others. Putting these two together helps you to improve the performance of others, the creativity of the people you are working with, commitment, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Walking in humble confidence allows us to get clear. What is the value of clarity? Being able to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Get the correct information
  • Better decision-making
  • Quicker decisions

One way we help companies get clear is through Talent Optimization, a four-part discipline used to align your people strategy with your business strategy for optimal business results. We help companies put the right people in the right seats, inspire employees, increase engagement, and get results. We are passionate about helping companies align talent by design!

To wrap this all up, the most important person you need to deal with in people pain is yourself. Here are three vital things to consider and apply:

  • Know yourself to lead yourself
  • Leading yourself well allows you to lead others well
  • Better ME + Better YOU = Better US

Work is easy. Working with people is hard! We can help you to get to know yourself and lead yourself better. Take the behavioral assessment and be sure to opt in for our newsletter to receive more inspiring content like this.

Kevin Waters

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