Displaced Is Not Disgraced

Have you ever been displaced or released from a job? I have and remember what it felt like. No matter how congenial the break-up, it is hard not to feel angry, hurt, anxious, like a failure, and question the decision. The upside to this period of emotions is that time stops for nothing and no one so you get a chance every day to continue walking forward in a new direction.

Healthy thinking habits and exercises you can do:

Get your footing back. Consider what direction you want to go in your career. This time is a gift of time to decide what path to take. Evaluating your skills and experience will help you get your grounding.

Clear your head. Those feelings mentioned above are bound to circle in your mind. Quiet them. The way to do that is to not feed them. Drown them out by talking with those closest to you about your hopes and dreams, reading a book about personal development, and listening to anything that uplifts you. Clarity will enable you to align your talents with opportunities suited for you.

Put your hands to work. There are people all around us who need help. Use some of this time to help others. Churches and non-profits are always looking for volunteers. It is surprising how our spirits are lifted when we help others.

Get to know yourself better. Take the Behavioral Assessment and receive a complimentary report and review of your results. At CLG, our passion is people and if we can help you during this transforming time, we are glad to do so.

Think of yourself as walking through this place in your life and each day is a step closer to your next career. Lastly, you are going to hear cliché and off-putting comments from others. Most of them mean well so try to be gracious. Remember the encouraging things you heard and pay it forward by encouraging someone else in a similar situation. Press on!

Melissa Spangler

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