Don’t Sweat It

HEAT & HUMIDITY. Both are invisible until they manifest within us and cause us to sweat. STRESS & UNCERTAINTY. Both are invisible until they manifest within us and cause us to sweat.

Take a quick breather! August may be one of the hottest months of the year and this August may be a time of stress and uncertainty but it does not have to be. We live in one of the most rapidly changing time periods in history. Most of us have seen the rise of the internet age and cellphone era. Now we have turned to the virtual world to do our jobs, run our businesses, and even stay in touch with loved ones. Alongside that, we have seen the world market rise and fall, sometimes at alarming rates. All these changing factors coupled with the most aggressively inconsistent year 2020 can be the cause of some stress.

Stress is a very fickle thing. On one hand it can be what cripples us and makes us feel as though we are in over our heads. On the other hand, it can be a motivator that drives us to our true potential. As a 23-year-old with ADD, stress and I have a tricky relationship. It permits my brain to function at high levels when I’m under its influence. However, it also causes me to see things as task-driven rather than people-driven, which is not my natural design.

When we are pushed out of our natural God given design, whether by our manager, our environment, or even our job, we can double the stress load that we’ve already been handed by the erratic climate of 2020.

At CLG, we will empathize and strategize with you about helping you find and understand your natural design and the design of your team. Life will always have stress so it is imperative to take a second to breathe. It may be August but there is no need to sweat it. Get in contact with us today and let’s get rid of some of that stress!

Kyle Waters

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