Predicting Sales Results

Sales leaders, HR leaders: Transform the way you build strong sales teams. Data/Ai is the modern way to hire great salespeople. Accurately predict individual sales performance. PRE-HIRE.

We help you efficiently and effectively field a diverse team of high-performing salespeople who can repeatedly grow revenue while influencing client loyalty.

Using human-centered data-driven Ai models built on insights from your company’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately PREDICT a team member’s expected future PERFORMANCE. We don’t replace your role in the hiring process, we simply help you make better-informed decisions.

Tired of Hiring Underperformers?

Sales is a hard gig! It is especially difficult if you are not wired to get results. Hiring based on background, skills, looks, image, etc. is not adequate to predict sales success.

We’ve all known the “guaranteed” hire that never produces results! You do not need to be tricked by a resume and a good first interview.

Sales performance is predictable. Remove your biases and hire people that will get results.

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We use algorithms to classify, analyze, and draw predictions from data. This allows you to instantly see a highly accurate performance prediction of all candidates, so you know which ones to prioritize immediately, saving you precious time.

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Created from your company’s attributes and sales data, we use technology to quantify a candidate’s performance. The Performance Fingerprint predicts sales performance for candidates and existing employees using your own KPI’s.

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Over 8000 businesses around the world use the Predictive Index tools to keep their employees supercharged and achieve maximum results.

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