What is the value of clarity?

What does it look like to use objective people data in partnership with Clear Leader Group (CLG) to make people decisions? Let us show you with the following real-world examples then click on the ‘Use data’ link in the last paragraph to learn more about hiring the best fit faster.

CLG facilitated the process of removing an engineer from a team. We didn’t enter the situation with an outcome in mind. We let the data tell us where to look for opportunities and threats. In this example, the team member was a great teammate and very likeable but wired more as an artist than a detailed engineer. When responsible for engineering design, these patterns tend to make those little mistakes that cost money on projects. We needed someone with high attention to detail. Potential impact: $430k ($180k salary & burden + $250k in avoided project losses).

Now seeking to add technical talent, we avoided several engineering candidates that didn’t match the technical job target we had created. We coached the interview team to test what we saw in the data. One candidate had 20 years of experience and a resume that made the hiring team drool. Based on their pattern, however, we predicted the candidate would not be as detailed as we needed. They are wired for acting more than engineering. We asked the candidate to describe their standard development process. The candidate spoke for 10 minutes (no exaggeration) and we still have no idea what they said. Clearly, the candidate was not detailed or process-oriented. Were we to evaluate this candidate based on their engineering degree, impressive resume, or persuasive skills, we probably would have made a “bad” hire. Much like a doctor with an x-ray, we knew where to look for trouble and opportunity. Potential impact: $750k-$2m (salary, burden, lost time, culture hit, cost of mistakes, and missed opportunities).

Ultimately, we hired an engineer that was the right fit for the role. This new hire had 20 years of experience. Their resume was amazing, but their interview skills were average (we predicted that would be the case!). It was their wiring that we needed/wanted. We predicted that this candidate would be good with details. They had a “measure twice, cut once” pattern. Potential impact: $400k (reduction of mistakes, technical expertise, ability to grow project scope, brand value).

So, what is the value of people clarity? When you have good data, it allows you to:

  1. Ask better questions.
  2. Make better decisions.
  3. Make faster decisions.

When you lead this process well, you drive results (cost reduction, team engagement, customer impact, and profit). Objectivity is a game-changer.

Use data to get the right people in the right seats, organize high-performing teams, and lead your people for maximum results. Contact us today to get started.

Kevin Waters

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