Wired to Win

$960 billion to $1.2 trillion per year is the cost of poor management and lost productivity in the U.S. according to a November 2020 Gallup article about manager development.

Could some of your execution challenges be a result of not knowing how to lead and get the best out of your people? The data above would suggest that it is.

The Wired to Win concept is that any person can be successful if they know and understand their behavioral tendencies and skills and align them with their job. Gallup research supports this concept by stating companies should zero in on the individual’s unique capacities and intensely develop the things they do best. Gallup states businesses will spark organic growth through human development using this strategy.

This Head, Heart, Briefcase graphic illustrates the things we need to make sure are aligned for a person to succeed in their role.

The Briefcase represents skills/experience. These are largely captured through resumes, interviews, and reference checks.

The Heart represents intangibles like values, culture, integrity, and attitude. These are largely captured through interviews and reference checks.

The Head represents behavioral tendencies and cognitive ability (“g factor”). Our 5-minute behavioral assessment offers a look into what drives people. The Head alone is 78% predictive of role success. In other words, hire someone wired for the role more than someone with skills and experience but not wired for the role. It is nice to have both, but we will put our money on the wiring. Hire for wire, teach skills!

Your people are designed to excel and get results. Everyone is a “10” somewhere and getting them in the right seats and managing them skillfully yields results. They are, after all, wired to get results and win.

Traditional development practices have become less relevant according to Gallup. Considering the statistics above, companies don’t have time or money to waste. So how is the Wired to Win concept initiated?

Clear Leader Group uses scientifically-validated tools to help our clients align their business strategy with their people strategy to drive results. Contact us today and we will get your employees Wired to Win!

Keith Galloway

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